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Thread: Updating my email adddress with Zone ALarm

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    Default Updating my email adddress with Zone ALarm

    My internet provider was bought out by Time Warner Cable and I have a new email address. the old one is currently still active, but sometime soon it will quit working. Therefore I want to change the email address that ZoneAlarm has. looking at "My Account" I see how I can change my password, but not the email address. is it even possible? I do understand that the forum is a user manned forum and you do a great job too. If I can't get help here, then can you direct me to where I can? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Updating my email address with Zone Alarm

    Unfortunately Email addresses are your account.

    This cannot be changed since the account/email are linked to The Find My Laptop feature in ZoneAlarm now. Changing your email breaks that feature forever.

    The only option is to create a new account using your new email address.

    I suggest to NOT use an ISP email address anymore which could change again in the future.

    Get a GMAIL address. That will never change and use that with a new ZA account.

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