I am using a paid subscription to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, release is My OS is Windows 7, 64-bit.

Every time that I boot up, ZA launches the antivirus/antispyware scan (it seems to be a Quick Scan) but the process seems to get stuck somewhere and the scan never ends. Clicking on the Cancel button does not stop the scan either. I basically ignore the whole situation and use the PC normally and then shut it down. But the next time that I boot up, ZA automatically starts the antivirus/antispyware scan again!

Two questions:
1) What is the name of the process in Task Manager that I have to terminate in order to stop the scan?
2) Does anyone know why this endless loop is happening and how to fix things? I have already reinstalled ZA Internet Security Suite but that did not solve the problem. (I'm thinking that I might have to find a way to completely uninstall ZA and then do a fresh install but I don't know how to do it...)