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Thread: How can ZA stop bad guy and his rempte desktop connect to my machine?

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    Default How can ZA stop bad guy and his rempte desktop connect to my machine?

    My machine is at a workgroup on a local network. Someone is hacking into the machine thru a remote desktop connection. Can ZA stop this at the firewall or????


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    Default Re: How can ZA stop bad guy and his rempte desktop connect to my machine?

    I am afraid first you need to secure your system from malware and RAT then you may install ZA but not before as in principle what you describe can be fixed regardless of ZA. Of course ZA can help afterwards but first you need to forensic your PC

    Follow all the steps as described below especially posting your PC log to or and explain the issue. Volunteers on these forum will help to secure your system.

    (if you cannot perform one step just skip to the next)

    Thanks and good luck!
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