Dear all,
I'm trying to get the Game 'Alice the Maddness returns' to work.
Unfortunate the game uses a kind off key-logger to records all user input. Of Course Zonealarm does not like this and while booting the game I know Zonealarm gives a popup in the background asking if this Program (game) behavior is OK. Which is !!!
Unfortunately the Games also blockes Desktop switching from Game to regular Desktop mode. So the Game & Zonealarm are keeping eachother hostage. The Game is not any Keyboard info (so it is doing nothing) and Zonealarm is blocking all (keyboard) input and I cannot swap (Alt-Tab) desktops so I cannot reach the popup of Zonealarm.

I tried all kinds of setting (actually stating to Zonealarm that every thing to game does is OK, except seeking contact with the Internet. But Nothing works, Zonealarm keeps checking suspisious program activities for this game in the background. Which is not desired by me.

How can I make ZoneAlarm clear to stop (!) checking (installed) program behavior (at least for this game)?

Good hunting,