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Thread: Consistently Seeing Win32 trojan detected

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    Default Consistently Seeing Win32 trojan detected


    I installed ZA Internet Security Suite on my mother's laptop after uninstalling McAfee and all its subsequent programs. ZA continues to detect a trojan in the driver files of win32 every few times I begin using the internet. It treats the virus and then restarts, only to have this problem remain. Is this a defect in ZA's ability to treat certain viruses or do I need re-install it again? System is win7 for home.


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    Default Re: Consistently Seeing Win32 trojan detected


    The More information you post more likely other users here will be able to help and suggest potential remedial actions.

    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> About --> Copy to Clipboard --> Paste in a reply here. Mind to remove the license key (if applicable).

    Exact version of OS used? XP SP3? Windows 7 SP? Windows 8? 8.1?

    English version?

    Any security Programs (Version #) running the desktop PC? Laptop? Netbook?

    Since when have you are experiencing the problem? Did ZA ever worked correctly?

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    Default Re: Consistently Seeing Win32 trojan detected

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    ZoneAlarm license key: ********************* NEVER POST your License Key in a Public Forum
    Vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Antivirus engine version:
    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1152023424
    AntiSpam version:

    win 7 sp1 on a laptop, en version

    When I downloaded ZA Internet Security Suite, it detected infection and recommended adv. disinfection which I started. I finally shut the computer down after 2.5 hours of being on the adv. disinfection screen, only to have the win32. host Trojan detected repeatedly. I just tried deleting that file totally from quarantine and not enabling auto-treatment as recommended for treating a possible false positive. In short, didn't work right from the start though browsing aside from restarting seems better

    Any other recommendations?
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    Default Re: Consistently Seeing Win32 trojan detected

    First update to latest version ZA 13.1:
    Looking for the latest version?

    Then follow all the steps as suggested here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    Next tune up ZA as suggested here:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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