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Thread: Anti-Spam Desktop for Outlook 2013 & Windows 8

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    Unhappy Anti-Spam Desktop for Outlook 2013 & Windows 8

    When bobj opened the original thread in June 2013, he gave an AntiSpam version number of In his November update the number was unchanged. Here in Feb 2014 I am using the same version and it is still crashing Outlook 2013 (if the product is so good that it doesn't need updating, we wouldn't be having this discussion). If SonicWall cannot give an ETA for the solution, the obvious question is - are they actively looking at the problem? Indeed, are they interested?

    There is no indication on the product description page for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security that there is a Windows 8 problem in this area so why are we paying for a product that doesn't work according to its published Sales Description? Will there be discounts on future renewals and/or refunds on current subscriptions?

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    Default Re: Anti-Spam Desktop for Outlook 2013 & Windows 8


    The system requirements (in the more info area) do state the following is supported with spam filtering.
    Note: no mention of outlook 2013 at all. thats accross all OS's

    So there will be no issuing of refunds becasue of no support for outlook 2013.

    Sonic Wall is working on an upgrade but there is no ETA from them. The upgrade will not be in our next major release coming soon (Q1), we can tell you that with certanty. It will be in a later release sometime in 2014.


    Spam filtering and MailSafe requirements (not available in all ZoneAlarm products)

    Mailsafe supports SMTP outbound only

    Outlook Express

    POP3: Supported
    IMAP: Supported if Outlook Express is set to download the entire message (not just message header)


    POP3: Supported

    Note: WinMail IMAP not supported

    Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010

    Exchange: Supported
    POP3: Supported
    IMAP: Supported if Outlook is set to download the entire message (not just message header)
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