Last Weds. I had a zone alarm update notification, which I accepted. This update completely froze part way through. I was able to shut my computer down correctly. Restarted, it took 20mins. Zone alarm was still trying to update, which failed because it screwed my internet access up (can no longer get online). Tried a system restore, which does not work. Zone Alarm is not showing in Add/Remove programmes, I have manually deleted as much zone alarm as I can, but there are bits I am unable to delete.

Tried to use the factory reset disc that came with the computer, that is appearing to not work (have contacted the manufacturer and waiting to see if I can get a replacement disc). I have been able to set up from the back up disc, so now am able to use the computer in back up D: drive which is not ideal.

Please does anybody know if there is anything I can look for in C: drive to correct this.