While troubleshooting my mother-in-law's computer, I uninstalled ZoneAlarm as one of the many things I tried to fix her internet access. Eventually, I took care of that issue and any others I could detect and attempted to reinstall the current version of ZoneAlarm Free (w/o antivirus). I then got the "protection expired" message. I tried removing Avast! Antivirus, to see if there was a conflict, and eventually removed all real-time protection (MBAM, SB:S&D, Super AntiSpyware) just in case. I then did a clean uninstall from the Control Panel again, rebooted, ran clean.exe, rebooted again and reinstalled zafwSetupWeb_132_015_000.exe.

Still getting the "protection expired" message and, of course, the Monitor buttons all direct me to pay version downloads. I did not really pay attention to what version of ZA she had before I uninstalled it, and unfortunately she passed away a couple of weeks ago, (prepping the computer for my father-in-law) so I'll never know for sure. I remember her asking me repeatedly if she needed to buy the pay version, and I always instructed her to ignore any popup messages unless they used the word "update". It's possible she installed a trial version. I just don't know.

Her PC is on Windows Vista Home Premium running SP2. Here's a screen of any PC info I may have neglected to mention.

I'll try a few other things in the meantime. Hopefully that's enough info to point me in the right direction.