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Thread: "Protection Expired" Message on Free Install

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    Default "Protection Expired" Message on Free Install

    While troubleshooting my mother-in-law's computer, I uninstalled ZoneAlarm as one of the many things I tried to fix her internet access. Eventually, I took care of that issue and any others I could detect and attempted to reinstall the current version of ZoneAlarm Free (w/o antivirus). I then got the "protection expired" message. I tried removing Avast! Antivirus, to see if there was a conflict, and eventually removed all real-time protection (MBAM, SB:S&D, Super AntiSpyware) just in case. I then did a clean uninstall from the Control Panel again, rebooted, ran clean.exe, rebooted again and reinstalled zafwSetupWeb_132_015_000.exe.

    Still getting the "protection expired" message and, of course, the Monitor buttons all direct me to pay version downloads. I did not really pay attention to what version of ZA she had before I uninstalled it, and unfortunately she passed away a couple of weeks ago, (prepping the computer for my father-in-law) so I'll never know for sure. I remember her asking me repeatedly if she needed to buy the pay version, and I always instructed her to ignore any popup messages unless they used the word "update". It's possible she installed a trial version. I just don't know.

    Her PC is on Windows Vista Home Premium running SP2. Here's a screen of any PC info I may have neglected to mention.

    I'll try a few other things in the meantime. Hopefully that's enough info to point me in the right direction.

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    Is there some information I've left out? I've tried everything I could turn up on a forum search.

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    Default Re: "Protection Expired" Message on Free Install

    Be sure your logged in as the administrator account when you uninstalled originally and when you re-installed.

    Possibly you didn't have enough rights on Vista to properly uninstall/install and now you have a corrupted installation with files from different versions of ZA.

    First login as the Administrator account.

    Then uninstall ZA from the control panel >> Programs and features.

    After its been uninstalled shutdown and reboot PC. Log back in on the Administrator account.

    Then download this utility and SAVE it to the desktop and then run it from the desktop.

    After this utility runs it will reboot your PC. make sure to log back in to the PC on the Administrator account.

    Now download and SAVE to the desktop this version of ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.
    (You do not need to install the latest version in this case)

    Install this version.

    Hope this will help

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