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    Default Having connection problem

    I've been continuously having "Problem loading page" pop up on my screen(actually the tab). Thinking it was my internet company we ran test and connection was fine. I disabled ZA and there we go. Everything runs great with it down.

    I uninstalled ZA yesterday and then reinstalled. Everything was running great until today as it began to slowly show these "Problem loading page" errors again. It's getting bad once again. Same thing, I disable ZA, runs fine.

    As I'm typing this, 5 tabs open, one of them changed to the "Problem loading page." It does it on both FireFox and Google Chrome. Scanned computer and nothing found.


    One other thing it's doing is slowing it down where it may only load half a page as to where it's missing all of the pictures. Everything looks to be on the left.

    On the page, when the Problem loading page appears on the tab, the page itself says Server not found.

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