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Thread: Performance Improvement with FireFox Caused By?

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    Default Performance Improvement with FireFox Caused By?

    For years I've used ZA with FireFox on a WinXP-SP3 via a ADSL, and for years I've wished that somehow the performance I get upon System Restart would not degrade over a couple of hours to literal system interoperability, with jerky youTube and other streaming, along with progressively worsening mouse and KB interaction to the point of complete stall. Even after a restart, the web experience was intermittent and flighty if there was any kind of video, etc (TV-Guide, etc). After two recent upgrades, FireFox to 29.0.1, and ZA Security Suite to 13.1.211, a seeming miracle has happened. Simultaneous streaming, downloading, browsing, and even programming work with .NET and DirectX 3D are now apparently flowing with no degradation, even after several hours. My question would be, has ZA 13.1.211 somehow finally taken care of a long standing problem? I've asked FireFox as well, and have a Q into the ADSL provider, though they have no notifications of any kind of a system improvement that could explain this. Do I dare breath? Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing?

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    Sorry, I am not aware of a common issue with ZA and Firefox + video problems, etc. Must be something else been fixed at your end.


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