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Thread: [solved, partially] diskeeper12 and ZA 13 incompatibility, reason found.

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    Default [solved, partially] diskeeper12 and ZA 13 incompatibility, reason found.

    well, as I mentioned earlier in the thread:
    diskeeper 12 for some reason hated existence of zonealarm.
    diskeeper 11 worked fine.

    after doing some testing in the long run by allowing ports and whatnot else, i got the idea of disabling IPv6 traffic on zonealarm. (yes, somewhat counterproductive there and it is enabled by default)
    and behold, diskeeper12 works!
    What I think happened between DK11 and 12 was that 12 also added ipv6 as default "if it exists, go with this" means of communication for which zonealarm seemingly doesn't have any visible means of controlling access to or from computer and so it might block most of the data by default.

    so.. existence of IPv6 is a bad thing as long as you want to have diskeeper12 and zonealarm v.13.x running.

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    Default Re: [solved, partially] diskeeper12 and ZA 13 incompatibility, reason found.

    Thank you for posting a possible solution to the incompatibility of Diskeeper 12 and ZA. I have the impression Diskeeper has been abandoned as of late. Most recent version seems to date back to December 2012.

    Unless you are still with the unsupported XP (not a long term security wise option), I would start to think to move on and use directly the tools from WIN7 or WIN8. They are more than sufficient to ensure a smooth operation of the HD and will not cause any conflicts with ZA or other third party software.


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