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    I've installed Zonealarm Free AV and Firewall on a laptop running Win 8.1 which previously had a 30-day Mcafee license. I've removed Mcafee by using the Mcafee removal tool.

    The problem is that Zonealarm won't run the real-time protection because it says I've got a conflicting av app installed, named WinDefender - the exact error is as in the title to this post.

    According to the web WinDefender is malware, but this seems to be irrelevant because I can't find any trace of anything named WinDefender on the computer anywhere. I've checked Comtrol Panel/Remove Programs, I've tried the Zonealarm option to remove the conflicting program (it just goes to Remove Programs and stops, no doubt because it can't find the program to remove), I've searched the hard drive (even taking it out and putting it in another PC as a secondary drive and done a search with UltraSearch rather than using Win 7 search) and checked right through the registry, both using the registry search and by manually checking the registry keys where WinDefender is meant to hide.

    I've also uninstalled and re installed Zonealarm twice.

    I tried AVG Free and that worked perfectly! (I've now uninstalled it using the AVG removal tool).

    Anyone any ideas how I can get Zonealarm to work correctly please?


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    Exact version of ZA your are trying to install? Where did you downloaded the installer?

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