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Thread: ZA ES blocks websockets

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    Question ZA ES blocks websockets

    I can't seem to use a trading platform since it has migrated to websockets.

    when I disable ZA ES it works fine.

    output from ZA ES is that I should be able to use websockets. (with the disclaimer that FW or AV could block it still)

    I have been troubleshooting and trying to find blocked ports but there is nothing I could find to make it work (apart from shutting down ZA).

    Is there some setting in ZA so that I can enable Websockets.
    If not, how can I get websockets to work together with ZA?

    thanks in advance for any feedback!
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    Default Re: ZA ES blocks websockets


    Unfortunately ZoneAlarm has historically never been compatible with Stock trading/ticker tape type of applications.

    We don't have a fix or workaround for you and neither would the support department

    But if you find settings that do work please post them for others.

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