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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro 2015 Install Problem

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    Default Zone Alarm Pro 2015 Install Problem

    The downloader/install prog stops at 98% then states, 'The installer failed to download all the required fields. Please check your internet connection and try again'. Needless to say, the internet is open. I thought Eset NOD32 might have been interfering but I turned that off. Same issue. A fix? Thanks

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro 2015 Install Problem


    Here is th Fix..

    The instruction for a clean install are below

    1. Download the latest ZA (2015) version
    <== click here

    2. Remove your current ZA version (in XP use Windows add/remove programs/Windows 7/8 Uninstall a program)

    3. Remove other security tools installed. Use to double check no left overs are present.

    4. Clean your system and registry with the Free Ccleaner.exe
    free ccleaner <= click here

    5. Download to your desktop and run the ZA removal tool, <= click here
    now reboot computer after running ZA Removal tool.

    6. Now Install the latest ZA version Without Touching any Default settings,
    and Do Not Restore Saved Settings from the old install.

    Let us know how you have managed to resolve the issue. It will help other users with the same problem.
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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro 2015 Install Problem

    You may also have problems after the successfull installation of ZA as your Antivirus has a false positive on ZA components that they unfortunately refuse to fix.
    Long term solution for the problem (if you want to use ZA) is to replace this antivirus with something else (or keep excluding ZA from the antivirus to each new release of ZA). For example, ZAPRO + AV. Otherwise you will need to use another firewall.


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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro 2015 Install Problem

    Uploaded the web installer to VirusTotal due to file size.Check Point Install Utility being flagged by your antivirus program.

    If you then check the File detail tab.It shows Signature verification for Check Point Install Utility and still being flagged.

    Even the clean.exe gets flagged.

    You can upload the file to see for yourself the analyzes at:

    Maximum file size: 64MB.So use the web installers to view the analyzes.
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