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Thread: Youtube vids not loading, slow browsing after clean install ZASS

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    Default Youtube vids not loading, slow browsing after clean install ZASS

    Had the previous version keep turning off and not being able to turn it on. Did a clean install on two machines, one running XP and the other Windows 7. The XP machine has no problem loading Youtube vids but the Win 7 machine either does not start loading, freezes after 10 seconds, or just plays the audio and only shows the beginning frame of the vid.

    ZA comes with my subscription to a local provider so this is not a free version. I tried the ZA support page, typed into the search knowledge base. selected product, hit search...

    So that brings me here, rant over.

    Is there some way of getting Youtube to work properly, also I have found ordinary pages are slow to load after the upgrade to ZASS I am semi-computer literate as in I can search for answers myself and follow instructions if I find them. Do I uninstall the current copy and go back to the previous version?

    Hope someone can help
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