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Thread: ZA not blocking program access

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    Question ZA not blocking program access

    I routinely go through ZA and check settings. My ZA v13.1.211.00 controls are set to require ZA to ask about allowing internet access for almost all programs. However, I noticed the email program "Thunderbird v24.6" appears to have free access to the internet regardless of settings. Both public and trusted zone security settings are at "high". The network firewall screens all programs (max) and the defense net is set to "manual". Microsoft catalog utilization is not enabled. All settings for the Thunderbird program are set to "ask". Does anyone have an idea how Thunderbird is completely bypassing Zone Alarm Firewall? Does it use a windows child service? If TB can bypass ZA so easily, what's to stop a malicious program from doing the same?

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    What happens if you remove the entry from the ZA application control? Also be careful to always UNtick "remember the settings" when you get the pop-up otherwise you are back to square zero. Also try to move smartdefense to OFF rather than manual.

    What you should do to double check your ZA databases are not corrupted is:

    1. Fully shutdown Thunderbird
    2. Remove any thunderbyte component in the ZA application control
    3. Shut down fully ZA and wait a couple of minutes
    4. Re-open ZA and double check that the components you removed are not back in the list
    5. Now, open Thunderbird

    FYI, ZA is not really designed for what you are trying to do. Assumption is: whatever is trusted in your system should be allow to work and main focus is malware application or malware components using legit components to bypass the firewall. If you want to have full control of applications even if trusted then best to move to more granual app. control software.

    This was a major problem for most users of ZA (i.e. blocking legit components in the system and then blame ZA). Therefore the design of ZA is made to discourage this approach and make "all manual" not an easy task to achieve.

    P.S. trusted zone set to HIGH makes no sense. You should control what is trusted or not in the ZA zones. With the HIGH settins you assume everything is coming from the internet, even your PC. Again another setting that is not recommended.
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