I still use ZA 9, but after you released ZA 10 and until now, although I have reported this 3 times, no action was taken!

ZA Firewall :: Application Control

1. If you select one item (application) the details will be shown below.
That's normal, but if you use keyboard up/down buttons to move among the other items, the below text will not be updated, it will show the first item selected by mouse!
It means that we always must use mouse to select items in the list and see their details. You don't like keyboard do you?

2. If we want to remove one item (application) from the list, we must use mouse to press the remove button, no hot-key for Del. Again you don't like to help keyboard users!

Above 2 features were available in ZA 9.
And are really vital features since without them it's so time consuming to organize a long list.
As I am a programmer I can say it's as easy as ABC to re-implement that, just 2 events and a few lines of simple code, and when upgrading to a new version, do not remove the useful features of old version, I think after ZA 9 you re-wrote the code from scratch!

I want to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and ZA9 is not supported on that, so I want this feature to be implemented.