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Thread: System Restore Error with ZA

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    Default System Restore Error with ZA

    I'm attempting to do a system restore but it "ends" with an error. Searching the internet, it points to ZoneAlarm. It states that I should uninstall ZoneAlarm, then perform the restore.

    Is there an easier way to do a Windows System restore?

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    Default Re: System Restore Error with ZA


    The More information you post the more likely users here will be able to understand the issue and try to help.

    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> About --> Copy to Clipboard --> Paste in a reply here. Mind to remove the license key (if applicable).

    Exact version of OS used? XP SP3? Windows 7 SP? Windows 8? 8.1?

    Having a Good Current Full System Image Backup would be Easier just in case of a Crash or Corruption caused by a Bad Update (from Microsoft or other Software Update) or Hardware failure will save you Time and expense in Restoring all your Valuable Programs, Files and Data should the need arise..

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    Default Re: System Restore Error with ZA

    On top of providing minimum details on the ZA used please also use the search function on top of this board before posting.
    This question has been answered several times (i.e. use system restore from safe mode).

    Also note that system restore will break ZA. So, remove and reinstall ZA after system restore.


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