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Thread: ZoneAlarm blocking hacking attempts

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    Default ZoneAlarm blocking hacking attempts

    Yesterday my computer got hacked. Suddenly, my mouse cursor moved itself and it clicked out of the internetpages and down left to the windows symbol and then clicked shut down computer. I turned on the computer right after, trying out some anti-virus programs such as Malwarebytes and so on. They found no infections.

    Then the computer worked as normally in a few hours, at least I tought. But when I tried to launched a game, it went back to the normal page, probably a bad explanation there, but it was like someone clicked the windows symbol down left on the keyboard. (Hopefully that was more understanding). I went in and out of the game automatic.

    Then I just installed ZoneAlarm to prevent the hacker of getting on my system. So far it's blocked over 800 attempts and it's still increasing.

    I tried to start that game again and now it's working normally. At least ZoneAlarm is blocking the hacking attempts. But is there something I can do to prevent the hacker from trying to access my computer or am I completely safe now? It would be nice to get rid of these attempts as well. By the way, I'm really happy with ZoneAlarm that helped me blocking the "hacker". I will continue using it

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm blocking hacking attempts

    Sounds like an hardware problem rather than a virus. Assuming its a sort of malware then:

    First you should ensure to run a solid antivirus software. Keep it simple remove everything you used and install ZAfree with antivirus (more AVs one on top of the other will not increase your protection on the contrary).

    Possibly you should invest some $ and buy a security solution rather than running just free software.

    Then you should get help from volunteers for an in-depth check of your system to be sure you are really clean:

    Follow all the steps as detailed below inclusing posting your logs at bleepingcomputer or spywarehammer:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    and for ensuring a safe future please read here:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?


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