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Thread: Virtual box and ZAfree problems

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    Unhappy Virtual box and ZAfree problems

    After installing virtual box from the file downloaded from their official website .Zone Alarm firewall has sort of started acting like a virus ,denying me internet access ,saying host process for windows has been stopped from modifying zonealarms registry key + windows firewall which I had deactivated earlier seems to be screwed up cant even turn it on due to an error . Now I can only access internet with ZoneAlarm firewall deactivated. Pls fix this BIG Problem

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    Default Re: Really big problem

    Not sure I understand. First of all we are all users here (no ZA develoment), secondly ZA does not support any virtual enviroment. Finally, if you need more users input or help you need to provide far more details. Exact version of ZA used 9?10?11?13?13.1?13.X? OS used. Exact steps to replicate the problem?

    More information you provide more likely other users here will be able to guess what is the problem and may try to help you.

    But with such a generic and short message I would not expect a response any time soon. I have changed the thread title to better hint to the issue.


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    Default Re: Virtual box and ZAfree problems

    Os -windows 7
    za version -13.x

    i have uninstalled virtual box yet zone alarm firewall blocks internet access when on stating host pro cess for windows was stopped from modifying zone alarm registry key.

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