I finally got tired of the constant reminders to upgrade the free zone alarm, and took the plunge. It's always a hassle, which is why I wait as long as I can. First off, you're without protection because the old one has to be UNINSTALLED first.

I did everything by the book, but now after uninstalling the old, and installing the new and re-booting, zone alarm is stuck in "initialization is in progress". I can't open the program, even though the icon is in my lower desktop bar. This has been going on for several hours now.

Anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve it? I couldn't find anything else in the forum about it, but I could've missed it. If someone could point me to a solution I'd be forever grateful. I'm considering just using windows firewall and saying to heck with zone alarm, because it's something like this every time I update it.