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Thread: 1.9GB xDB temp files

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    Default 1.9GB xDB temp files

    I found 606 temp files totaling 1.9GB under ZA/data.
    Can these files be deleted and why are the files made?
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    Yes, they can be deleted but they are a symptom that your ZA is corrupted and/or not working correctly (e.g. conflicts with other programs running).

    Best is to fully remove your current version and only then install the latest version that you find at the main ZA website.


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    Default Re: 1.9GB xDB temp files

    I did the same thing

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    Default Re: 1.9GB xDB temp files

    Doing a forum search produced this two links that can provide information.

    As stated in thread # 2 :

    tmp files in c: programeData\checkPoint\Zone Alarm :
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    What is not normal is the presence of xDB1E39.tmp files. This is an indication that ZA is crashing or having problems or the ZA database is corrupted (the ZA database contains also your configuration and settings). If you have many of them its not good.

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