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Thread: ZA resets my file associations in Win7

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    Unhappy ZA resets my file associations in Win7

    This problem happend with ZA running, not when it's turned off.
    I try to associate my JPG and PNG files to be opened by Irfanview.
    But with Zone Alarm installed, it is not possible to make the file association.
    If I disable ZA, I can do it. And if I double-click on a file, it automatically gets opened up by irfanview (portable app).
    But as soon as I launch ZA, my system opens the file with MS-image-viewer. So I uninstalled that, did the file associations again, and now it opens it with MS Paint! And if I right-click to open a file, so I can tell it what to open it with, where you browse, point to the program, it will be barred from being added to the apps list, and doesn't open it with the file I just pointed to.
    This is really frustrating.

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    Default Re: ZA resets my file associations in Win7


    first time I ever heard that ZA will impact file association. I cannot really think how and which component in ZA could cause that. The fact that even without ZA you still experience weird issues with file association may point to some type of corruption in the system (typically caused by malware but also by corruption of the OS registry).

    I would try to fix the issue first before trying to install ZA again.

    There are many workarounds on the net about your problem. I just mention a couple. Here:

    Fixes for specific files are also included here:

    Search for more in the case the above is not enough.


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