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Thread: Need help with installation

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    Default Need help with installation

    I am a paid customer and I have downloaded ZASPSetupWeb_150_159_17147

    But no matter what I do, I just couldn't complete installation.

    It keeps getting stuck at the "Downloading Components"

    At the end, the window error pops up and says,
    "The installer failed to download all the required files. Please check your Internet connection and try the installation again".

    I have check. I definitely have internet connection during the whole installation.

    I must have tried at least 7 times at all hours but I just couldn't get past this section.

    Please help.

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    Default Re: Need help with installation


    as paying customer you are entitled to free support from the official ZA technical support. This is just a user-to-user support platform.
    The link to official technical support is at the top of this forum. Just click on the link.

    Please let us know how did you managed to resolve the problem so that other users browsing this forum can benefit from it.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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