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Thread: ZA ver 15 won't install on Win 7 - SP1 error

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    Default ZA ver 15 won't install on Win 7 - SP1 error

    I have a new hard disk and installed Win 7 32 bit on it. It then processed the updates including SP1.

    However when I tried to install 15.1.501.17249 on it, I got a message : Install Windows 7 service pack 1.

    Since this was already installed, I tried earlier versions and 14.3 installed OK.

    After chatting with support, I completely removed this installation, cleaned it, deleted the temp files and emptied the recycle bin, rebooting several times and tried again. Got the same message. This problem occurs for at least 3 but presumably all version 15 installations and the help line can't fix it.

    I am now reinstalling 14.3

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    Default Re: ZA ver 15 won't install on Win 7 - SP1 error

    We have no issues with any version of 15 installing on windows 7 32 or 64 SP1 operating systems.

    ZoneAlarm requires SP1 is installed and working.

    ZoneAlarm installer makes a call to the OS to check the availability of SP1 the the OS reports back to our installer if SP 1 is on the system and is working.

    In your case it is not. What you see in the OS interface might be telling you SP1 is install but its not or its corrupt.

    This is a common issue with Windows Vista and not very common on Win 7 but the fix is that the OS or service pack update is corrupt, only fix for this is to format the hard drive an reinstall the OS from the original CD. Not from a back up. A back up just brings the problem along.

    Although you say version 14 works and not version 15 we know 100% version 15 is fine.

    You need to Format the hard drive get the original windows 7 install dvd and install it again and install ALL updates from Microsoft (this will take hours) then when there nothing more to install from Microsoft updates install ZoneAlarm version 15 again.

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