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Thread: Innocent .exe flagged as malware - can't run program I need

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    Exclamation Innocent .exe flagged as malware - can't run program I need


    I'm trying to run a program that I know is not a virus yet Zonealarm thinks it's ransomware - hence automatically treats the 'threat'. The folder it is in along with the actual files is in the exception list and yet it is also in the quarantine list. When I try to restore it out of the quarantine list it does nothing and just still sits in there. The only other option that actually does something is 'delete' which is the opposite of what I need haha.

    How can I get this to ignore the threat and not automatically delete the program I'm trying to run? I've tried countless different methods but it's still ignoring the exception list and keeps deleting the .exe file.

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    Default Re: Innocent .exe flagged as malware - can't run program I need

    Be sure to be on the latest ZA version, may be your ZA is corrupted? Best to reinstall unless you have not done what described here below (sticky thread in the antivirus section):
    (mind to exclude the file(s) BOTH in ZA on-access and on-demand scanner)


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