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Thread: Update error, reset to default, and download speed restriction

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    Default Update error, reset to default, and download speed restriction

    I solved my update problem with the "reset to default" option.
    Before solving the problem I used the Task Manager in Windows 7
    and watched the networking tab. During the unsuccessful update, utilization
    varied from 0 to about .4% (1.5% is full speed for my hardware and provider)
    dropping frequently to 0. After the reset the utilization varied from .3% to
    over 1% with few drops to 0. Something was restricting the download speed.
    The folks at ZoneAlarm might be interested.


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    Default Re: Update error, reset to default, and download speed restriction

    That tallies with what I am experiencing. When ZoneAlarm downloads fail, they seem to be very slow and pause frequently for long periods. Even when they occasionally succeed after 10pm, it can take several minutes to complete (over 40 minutes once), with the progress bar showing frequent and very long pauses. This is despite me having a very fast internet connection with everything else running speedily. That's why I initially suspected the server.

    I can force a working update by shutting down ZoneAlarm, running it again manually and immediately starting a manual update once it has finished initializing. If I do that, the update completes in seconds. No pauses.

    Unfortunately, "reset to default" doesn't work for me.

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    Default Re: Update error, reset to default, and download speed restriction

    I tried the same thing as rjolbrich and monitored data speeds during the updates on my PC using the Windows 10 task manager performance tab.

    Updates when ZoneAlarm has been running since boot:

    The receive speed varies between 0Kbps and 56Kbps, but spends most of it's time at 0Kbps, with only brief periods of activity. Eventually the brief periods of activity stop altogether and the update aborts with "Antivirus/Anti-spyware update: Error".

    Updates immediately after shutting down and restarting ZoneAlarm:

    The receive speed still varies throughout the update, but never drops to zero and goes as high as 27Mbps (note M not K!) and successfully completes within seconds.

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    Default Re: Update error, reset to default, and download speed restriction

    For me this problem started around March 2017.
    I am running Zonealarm Firewall & Anti Virus v15.1.501.17249; paid licence.
    Tools > Preferences > Backup and Restore Security Settings; Reset to default before updating works but it takes > 30 minutes to download.
    Advanced Firewall > set public zone settings to Medium. No effect, fails on download at ~26%
    No serious help from Zone Alarm support ( like "can you send a copy of log file" ).
    Can you elaborate on "shutting down ZoneAlarm". There is no button that simply shuts down ZoneAlarm. There is a tick box in preferences which stops ZoneAlarm from loading at startup. Other than that it looks like killing services and processes.
    I tried restarting my PC and as soon as Zonealarm initialises manually start an update of virus signatures, etc. It gets past the 26% but still takes over 30 minutes to download.
    (I am running Windows 7, fully up to date, by the way)

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