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    Firstly, A BIG thanks to developers of Zone Alarm.
    Ive been using it for a really long time and its awesome. I have recommended it to many many people over the years.

    But what I want to know is. I have a really long list of applications in my application control list over 3k and many of them are obsolete.

    If I do a mass remove of all items does that mean they are going to be exempt from zone alarm or will the option box (allow or deny) reappear as the programs are opened again?

    Is there a log file I can delete perhaps that would allow me to start over with only the applications and programs currently in use on the system.

    Thanks for your time and response.
    and again keep up the awesome work.

    A very satisfied customer.

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    You can safely remove the entries in application control, the list will re-populate as soon as you will use the applications. Known applications will be added silently and the ones not in the ZA safe application database will trigger a pop-up to allow/deny.

    I am not aware of an option to remove only the obsolete entries.


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