Online Backup

Using Online Backup

To make sure you do not lose critically important data, you can use the iDrive Online Backup to regularly back it up to a secure remote server. When you install ZoneAlarm 2019 software, you automatically receive 5 GB of storage space on a secure remote site. In case your computer is lost or stolen, or in case of a hardware malfunction, you can easily restore your backed-up data. For more information on iDrive, go to ZoneAlarm iDrive web home page

Activating Secure Online Data Backup

To use Online Backup, you must first activate it.

To activate Online Backup:

  1. Click in the MOBILITY & DATA panel of the ZoneAlarm 2019 software client.
  2. Click Activate in the Online Backup section.
    The ZoneAlarm Online Backup web page opens.
  3. Click Install Your Online Backup.
    A status bar appears and asks you if you want to run or to save the ZoneAlarmBackupWinSetup.exe file.
  4. Click Run.
    If you want to run the installation later, click Save.
  5. In the MS Windows User Account Control window that opens, click Yes.
    The installation begins.
  6. In the window that opens, enter information to create an IDrive account:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address
    • Password
  7. Click Create My Account.
  8. On the next webpage, select Configure your iDrive account with encryption!
  9. Click Continue.
    The iDrive Online Backup application is installed on your computer and this message shows: Your iDrive account has been created successful.
    A confirmation email is sent to the email address you used to sign up.

Changing Online Backup Settings

Once activated, Online Backup will save your critical data according to the schedule. You can change the schedule and the critical data folders as needed.

To change online backup settings:

  1. Click in the MOBILITY & DATA panel of the ZoneAlarm 2019 software client.
  2. Click Settings in the Online Backup section.
    The ZoneAlarm Backup window opens.
  3. See the online iDrive ZoneAlarm Backup User Manual for further instructions.
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