ZoneAlarm® DataLock

Encrypts and protects your valuable data
Even if your laptop is lost or stolen

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    Hard Drive Encryption for Laptops
    Makes all data on your laptop or netbook unreadable to unauthorized eyes.
    Pre-boot Authentication
    Prevents unauthorized users from accessing information stored on your laptop.
    24x7 Password Recovery Service
    Live support is available by phone to help reset your password at no extra charge.
    Automatic Invisible Operation
    Never have to think about what to protect - everything is automatically encrypted.

    Check Point Full Disk Encryption technology, trusted by over 14 million users in businesses and government agencies of all sizes, around the world.
    Is DataLock Right for You?
    This easy-to-use, hard drive encryption solution makes everything on your computer's hard drive unreadable to unauthorized eyes. Your data cannot be deciphered unless a special password is entered. No password, no access.
    If you store any of the following private data on your laptop, you will benefit from ZoneAlarm DataLock security:
    • Clients portfolios
    • Medical records
    • Financial statements
    • Social Security numbers
    • Tax returns
    • Bank statements

    1 Safeware Insurance Agency, 2004