Data Privacy Surveys

Check Point conducted two surveys in January and February, 2010 to explore consumer experience and attitudes about data privacy and actions taken to protect private data. The first survey was conducted on behalf of Check Point by Harris Interactive, followed by a similar survey of ZoneAlarm customers, conducted by Check Point.

Harris Interactive Survey

The Harris survey interviewed 2,222 adults ages eighteen and over, out of which 789 adults used a personal laptop most frequently. Here are key findings:

Unauthorized access to private data, including credit card information, financial and medical records, private photos and work files was the number one concern for laptop users, ahead of the 35 percent that were mostly worried about the hardware replacement cost.
If your computer was lost or stolen, which of the following would you be the most concerned about?
Response options (select all that apply) Percent Laptop Users1
Strangers accessing my private (e.g., credit card information, medical records, financial and tax documents). 40%
Strangers accessing my personal photos, videos and/or music. 12%
Strangers accessing my work files (e.g., confidential patient information, client financial portfolios, small business files) 4%
Other 3%
I would not be concerned. 6%
Total private data concern 56%
Cost of replacing the hardware 35%

Only 10 percent of laptop users protect their personal data with full disk encryption.
Which of the following actions, if any, have you taken to protect your private data stored on your personal computer?
Response options (select all that apply) Percent Laptop Users1
Installed security software 56%
Established a login password to use at startup 55%
Use full disk encryption 10%
None of the above 13%
Other 8%
I don't have private data stored on my personal computer 11%

Harris Survey Methodology

Harris Interactive® fielded the study on behalf of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. from January 25-27, 2010 via its QuickQuerySM online omnibus service, interviewing a nationwide sample of 2,222 U.S. adults aged 18 years and older. Data were weighted to be representative of the total U.S. adult computer user population on the basis of region, age within gender, education, household income, and race/ethnicity. No estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated; a full methodology is available.

ZoneAlarm Customers Survey

The ZoneAlarm survey interviewed 159 current ZoneAlarm customers in February 2010. The results were similar to the Harris Interactive findings. Here are key additional findings comparing laptop to desktop PC users.

Desktop users are more likely to use data protection methods (security software, login passwords, encryption) than laptop users. 10% of laptop users do not use any data protection, versus only 4% of desktop users.
Have you taken any actions to protect the private data stored on your computer?
Response options (select all that apply) Percent Laptop Users1 Percent Desktop Users
Installed security software 75% 87%
Use Windows login password 59% 54%
Use full disk encryption 26% 11%
None of the above 10% 4%
Other 16% 13%

Laptops store different information than desktops. Laptops are used to store more tax records and business documents, desktops store more personal photos and videos.
What information are you interested in securing on your computer?
Response options (select all that apply) Percent Laptop Users1 Percent Desktop Users
Banking information 80% 83%
Tax records 60% 42%
Emails 73% 58%
Personal photos and/or videos 60% 83%
Business documents 67% 33%
Passwords 87% 83%
Other 27% 8%

1Use laptop most often for personal use