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ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

Add an unhackable Ransomware protection

  • First 30 Days FREE
  • AFTER 30 DAYS: $2.99/1 month - 3 PCs
  • Compatible with all other security software
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docLock by Large Software

Securely Lock and Password Protect Files, Folders, and Documents

  • Securely Lock Files, Folders, and Documents
    docLock allows you to select the files, folders, documents, photos, video’s, Zip files, PDF’s and other files you wish to lock and password protect. Secure only the files you wish to keep safe.
  • Drag and Drop Locking/Unlocking Technology
    Lock/Unlock a document at lightning speed with 3 shortcuts: 1) drag and drop the file to docLock, 2) right click the file and choose to Lock/Unlock, or 3) browse to your desired file.
  • Share/Email Locked Files
    docLock allows you to share any locked file via email, disk or portable drive with a friend as long as they have the password you ‘ve created. Feel confident the recipient will be the only one able to access the file.
  • Simple to Use
    Install and run in minutes. Follow the “Getting Started” screen to lock your first file in a matter of seconds. No need to read help files, documentation, user manuals, or consulting with the neighborhood computer guru to get started.
  • Compact File Size
    docLock is 5 MB in file size, most security software is around 100MB, which means docLock saves valuable computer resources you need to run programs or to surf the web.
  • Complements all Security Software
    docLock works with all security and PDF software. Add an additional layer of protection to your Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and PDF software by locking your files.
docLock - Getting Started

docLock - Lock a File

System Requirements:
Current Version: docLock 2011
File Size: 5 MB
Supports: At least 32 MB RAM
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7/ Windows 8