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ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

Add an unhackable Ransomware protection

  • First 30 Days FREE
  • AFTER 30 DAYS: $2.99/1 month - 3 PCs
  • Compatible with all other security software
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Security Learning Center

A recent study confirmed that more people are worried about their online safety and privacy than they are about being mugged.

But worry no more - here you can arm yourself with the information and protection you need to feel secure online, even in the ever-changing threat landscape.

Tell me about the latest risks and solutions
Only a good firewall can keep hackers out.
What makes a good firewall?
Privacy concerns
Concerned about your privacy?
Here are the risks and solutions
Web browsers
Web browsers are not secure!
Here's why and what you can do
Protect your data
Learn how hard drive encryption keeps your data private even if your laptop is lost of stolen
Identity theft protection
Everything you need to know about identity theft and how to protect yourself.
ZoneAlarm Security News
Check out  the current top 10 viruses and latest community news.
Family Protection

Help me choose protection
ZoneAlarm takes pride in keeping up with the latest threats, so you don't have to think about them. Just install and leave the rest to us.
Which ZoneAlarm security software is right for you?
Why choose ZoneAlarm?
ZoneAlarm in less than 2 minutes
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User Tips and Community
Our Blog, The Internet Security Zone
FAQ for ZoneAlarm Users
The ZoneAlarm User Forum, always a good source of information
Tips for Optimizing PC Performance