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ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

iOS and Android

Safeguard your mobile devices and browsing experience against viruses, phishing sites, malicious Wi-Fi connections, and other cyber threats with top-tier cybersecurity and AI-powered features.

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Also available as part of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen, which offers premium multi-device protection.

AI-powered threat intelligence

Minimal effect on battery life

An ad-free experience

Peace of mind in your hands

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security offers complete mobile protection from the most advanced cyberattacks. With our enterprise-grade technology and a “privacy-first” approach, your device becomes impenetrable to hackers, ensuring your personal data and sensitive information are protected at all times.

Protects your device and data from cyber threats

  • Device Shield: Alerts you to any risky configurations on your device.
  • Apps Protection: Defends against known and previously unseen malicious apps and updates - Android only.
  • Anti-Ransomware: Blocks suspicious ransomware activities before any files are encrypted.
  • Apps Permission: Allows you to easily manage apps' access to device features.

Secures your browsing experience

  • Advanced Anti-Phishing: Blocks both known and unknown (zero-day) phishing sites.
  • Content Filtering: Actively filters web content according to your specified definitions.
  • QR Code and Link Scanning: Checks the safety of QR codes and URLs to prevent access to malicious websites.
  • Safe Browsing: Protects against malicious websites on all browsers.

Safeguards your Wi-Fi connections

  • Wi-Fi Security: Guards against Man-in-the-Middle attacks when connected to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Wi-Fi Ranking: Ranks nearby Wi-Fi hotspots based on their security levels.
  • Anti-Bot: Blocks bots from communicating and sending data from your device to external servers.

ZoneAlarm utilizes Check Point’s ThreatCloud AI to deliver the highest catch rate for known and never-before-seen cyber threats.


AI-powered and traditional engines

2+ Billion

Security decisions made daily

3+ Billion

Yearly attacks​ prevented


ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

Secure your mobile life anytime, anywhere.

App Store Google Play

Also available as part of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen, which offers premium multi-device protection.


Protecting your mobile device from cyber threats is essential because these devices store vast amounts of personal and financial information, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. Without proper protection, your sensitive data can be stolen, leading to identity theft, financial loss, and privacy breaches. Cyber threats like malware and ransomware can also compromise your device's functionality, causing significant disruptions. By securing your mobile device, you not only safeguard your personal information but also ensure the safety of your online transactions and maintain optimal device performance, providing peace of mind in your digital interactions.

Yes, ZoneAlarm offers a 7-day trial with a credit card.

No, the ZoneAlarm app will provide the same level of security for both trial and paid versions.

System requirements

  • Android 8.0 or newer
  • iOS 13.0 or newer