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ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall NextGen

The robust PC security you need from cyber threats, viruses, and scams

  • Next-gen antivirus protects your PC and personal data Enhanced
  • Powerful firewall protects against inbound and outbound attacks
  • Anti-phishing shields you from email scams and phony sites 
  • File-scanning in the Cloud safeguards your files from hidden threats
Windows 11/10/7
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PC protection you can rely on

Keep your PC secure and your digital life safe from today’s most sophisticated cyber threats and online attacks.

Antivirus protection in real-time Enhanced

Stop fretting about viruses, ransomware or spyware infecting your PC and disrupting your life. Our advanced software protects your data from cyber threats in real-time. Your files are checked against our ever-expanding database of viruses so all threats, including malicious attachments, links and websites, are blocked. With our next-gen antivirus technology, cybercriminals can’t penetrate your PC so your data is safe.

Advanced firewall blocks malicious traffic

Be invisible to hackers and other bad agents from the moment you start your PC. As one of the world’s best firewalls, ZoneAlarm’s two-way firewall controls what enters and exits your PC, safeguarding you from both inbound and outbound cyber-attacks, protecting your PC’s operating system and keeping your private data private. 

Anti-Phishing against online fraud

Bank, shop, and play online worry-free with ZoneAlarm. You can browse the web without risk of falling prey to phishing email scams and the fake sites intent on stealing your passwords, login credentials and other info. Our advanced anti-phishing capabilities block known phishing sites immediately while unknown URLs are examined in real-time, protecting you from zero-day attacks. 

Threat Emulation protects against the unknown Enhanced

Put up an effective defense against Zero-day strikes with our unique sandboxing technology. Go about your life while ZoneAlarm’s threat emulation feature examines suspect files in a virtual sandbox in the Cloud. If malicious, you will be notified immediately and the download will be blocked before they can wreak havoc in your PC or be spread to others -- keeping you safe from even unknown threats.

All Product Features

Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Engine Enhanced

Detects, blocks and eliminates viruses such as ransomware, worms, spyware, Trojan horses and bots.

Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

Inspects files for malware against an ever-expanding database and blocks viruses from infecting your PC.

Advanced Firewall

Checks programs for suspicious activity via our award-winning firewall technology that keeps hackers from evading commonplace protections to maintain the security of your PC and personal data.

Two-way Firewall

Protects against both inbound and outbound threats so nothing gets in or out of your PC that shouldn’t.


Shields you from phishing scams as you browse, bank, and shop online, scanning sites for known and unknown threats and protecting you from unwittingly sharing your personal data with hackers. Included in Web Secure extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Threat Extraction Enhanced

Eliminates potential dangers from web downloads and email attachments, preventing document-delivered incursions infecting your PC. Included in Web Secure extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. 

Threat Emulation Enhanced

Examines every download and email attachment in a virtual sandbox in the Cloud to protect against zero-day attacks. Included in Web Secure extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. 


Enjoy free online customer support, including 24/7 access to online guides and resources.

Real-time Security Updates

Responds quickly to emerging threats with up-to-date security updates based on ZoneAlarm’s real-time DefenseNet.

Web Monitor

Scans web sites before they are accessed and the content downloaded to safeguard you from fraudulent and dangerous web-based threats.

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall NextGen

The essential PC & internet security solution

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall
Up to 60% off
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Discount applies for 1st payment only

System requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, 10, 11
  • 32-bit, 3 GB RAM / 64-bit, 4 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz or faster processor
  • 1.5GB of available hard-disk space
  • Microsoft .NET framework
  • Version 3.5 or later
  • Note: If a supported Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed, it will be installed with ZoneAlarm
  • Web Secure extension
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Brave

ZoneAlarm is only compatible with MS Windows Defender, and is not compatible with any other anti-malware software.

To install ZoneAlarm, you must first uninstall other anti-malware software. Otherwise, you may experience OS stability and computer performance issues.

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