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  1. Virus-free means that you will not be infected by viruses for as long as the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security product is installed, your subscription is valid, and you use our Threat Emulation® technology, included in the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security product.
  2. You must use the Threat Emulation® technology to scan any new attachments and files before opening, and delete files that are found to be malicious.
  3. In the context of this guarantee, the term “virus” includes worms, Trojans, spyware and malware. Riskware and adware are excluded from this guarantee.
  4. To claim a refund, you must be within your subscription period. There are no retroactive claims and no refunds after the subscription has ended.
  5. Refund is based on the actual price paid for the product, and is the exclusive remedy for this guarantee.
  6. Refund eligibility requires that the product is installed and activated on your computer prior to the virus infection.
  7. Refund requested within 90 days of purchase will be issued in the same manner as the original form of payment. Refund requested after 90 days of purchase will be issued through PayPal.
  8. Your ZoneAlarm Extreme Security product subscription will be terminated upon issuance of a refund.