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ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free Chrome Extension

Step into the online world with confidence. Get your free protection from Phishing attacks, malicious downloads and dangerous websites.
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ZoneAlarm Safe Search

What is Web Secure Free?

ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free is an advanced Chrome extension that provides you with essential browsing security tools to keep you safe from various threats while you search and browse the web. Web Secure Free protects you from Phishing attempts, prevents you from downloading malicious documents and alerts you about potentially harmful websites.
Safe Search Browsing

ZoneAlarm Safe Search browsing

Installing Web Secure Free will make ZoneAlarm Safe Search your default search engine providing you with a safer browsing experience. It utilizes Check Point’s ThreatCloud™ database which contains up-to-date global threat intelligence to scan your search results and rate them according to their potential risk.
Secure your credentials from Phishing attacks

Secure your credentials from Phishing attacks

Hackers are using phishing sites, pretending to be a legitimate, to steal your credentials (credit card details, bank login password, etc.). ZoneAlarm Zero-Phishing technology will scan all websites before letting you insert any personal information and will alert you in case of such attempt.
Safely download documents

Safely download documents

ZoneAlarm Threat Extraction technology allows you to safely download emailed or web-downloaded documents. The extracted file will be completely clean after removing any potential threats.

System Requirements

Chrome: 75 and above

Surf safely online with ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free

ZoneAlarm offers you peace of mind with the best enterprise-grade technologies to keep you safe while browsing the web.
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