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“I do recommend ZoneAlarm for personal use, to all my friends and associates, whenever a computer security discussion arises. I think I’ve been using your products since around 2000 and have never had a major loss of data, due to malicious activity. Please keep up the great work!“

- John S, South Carolina.

I'm using the ZoneAlarm firewall. I'm also a retired tech and have been referring and installing the ZoneAlarm and anti-virus on all of my customers' and friends' computers. Thank you for the software.

Steve S.

ZoneAlarm, you have made my online life safer and easier with this new update I have. I love my ZoneAlarm!

Karen J.

I have been using ZoneAlarm Extreme for many years. The software is excellent, and it's always a great sense of security to know it's protecting my systems.

Robin E.

I have been a user for many, many years. Excellent software, and always a great feeling of security to have it operational!

Graeme S.

Great product. Hope to review someday on Linkedin.

Bob G.

I have been using the software for several years already. It's reliable, stable and never disappoints me.

Guy S.

It works perfectly. When I had problem, I got a fast reply and remote assistance. I'll renew it again. I recommend it, it really works.

Israel M.

Superb program especially for ethical hackers.

Ryan S.