Protect your PC Against All Threats

From malware to Ransomware, and from known to unknown attacks, you are covered.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
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  • 1 Year - 3 PCs
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Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
Your Privacy Could be at Risk

The Threat

Every day thousands of new malwares and ransomware attacks are generated by cyber criminals around the world. Innocent PC users find themselves without access to their information and in many cases are extorted to pay a ransom.

How We Protect You

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security detects all zero-day attacks using high-end threat emulation tools that analyze suspicious files on a cloud outside your PC, ensuring that your computer stays safe.

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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

Product Features
Extreme Security

£54.95 £39.95

1 Year - 3 PCs
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Zero-Day attack protection against WannaCry and all other zero-day Ransomware attacks
Back-up your files periodically on the cloud
Keep your PC clean from malware. 100% Virus-free guaranteed. Terms
NEW Advanced Anti-Phishing protection
Parental controls and content filtering
Secure your identity and online privacy
PC tune-up and Find my Laptop

Within a minute, ZoneAlarm eliminated over three-quarters of the malware samples.

PCMag – October 2016

100% protection from widespread and prevalent malware.

AV-TEST – October 2016

Check Point’s iconic ZoneAlarm has managed to pass all tests entered in the last two years.

VB Bulletin

Perfect Protection Score

We work hard to bring you the ultimate security you deserve

AV test
We received a Perfect Protection Score of 6/6 from AV TEST

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ZoneAlarm Mobile Security delivers all of the capabilities of ZoneAlarm's antivirus software, in a powerful app to protect your android device and iOS device. With our wide range of PC products, including industry leading firewall and best-in class antivirus for PC, it's simple to ensure your online privacy and safety. Want to give ZoneAlarm a try? Download our free Firewall, free Antivirus, or get a free 30-day trial of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, our award winning package that promises complete virus protection and peace of mind.

ZoneAlarm protects your PC from phishing attacks, viruses, malware, spyware, and other cyber threats with our advanced security software products. We provide industry-leading security software for both home and small businesses. Our products include powerful antivirus protection software for PC and antivirus apps for mobile devices, spyware removal, firewall, browser security, ID theft prevention, and more. We support the latest operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.