Ransomware – The Nasty Type of Malware That’s On the Rise


Ransomware. The word itself sends shivers down our spines. The concept that someone could be brazen enough to infiltrate and lock your computer, and then have audacity to demand money so you can get your information restored or unlocked, is shocking and terrifying. It’s also happening with increasing frequency.

Ransomware is a type of malware that locks your computer or mobile phone and prevents you from accessing your data (all of it!) until you pay a ransom. That ransom is usually demanded in Bitcoin payment, an encrypted form of online payment that enables the hacker to collect money online and anonymously. As for the rates demanded, these can vary widely. In some cases, victims are asked to pay hundreds of dollars; in other cases (usually those that target businesses and corporations) victims are asked to pay several thousand dollars.

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Bitcoins: What You Need to Know About Securing Digital Currency

Bitcoin header

More and more people are beginning to use cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, and more businesses are beginning to accept it. The growing popularity, however, means thieves are also increasingly interested in stealing it.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. There is nothing physical—no coins or dollar bills—and it is generated (“mined”) by computers performing complex mathematical calculations. Bitcoin is perhaps the most well-known digital currency currently available, but there are plenty of others, including dogecoin, mazacoin, megacoin, and even solarcoin.
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