Introducing ZoneAlarm 2015 Security Suites: Giving You the Best Protection Ever


Gone are the days where an antivirus and firewall are all you need to keep hackers and malware at bay. In today’s evolving threat landscape, you need a security solution that is also evolving to protect you from the over 315,000 new threats that are discovered each day. These threats are like silent, ticking time bombs waiting to go off – should you come across one hiding in an email attachment, web download, or website. But this is where ZoneAlarm comes in.

Introducing ZoneAlarm 2015 security suites, bringing you the best protection ever.

What’s New in ZoneAlarm Extreme Security?
While an antivirus and firewall are essential components to the basic security of any PC, advanced threats call for advanced security measures. To address this, ZoneAlarm 2015 Extreme Security, our top of the line suite in our 2015 product line, offers you maximum protection, with four new key features: Threat Emulation, Find My Laptop, Advanced Real-Time Antivirus, and Enhanced Browser Protection. How do these new features provide you with maximum protection?

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What's new in ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
Threat Emulation
Nearly one in 25 email attachments are malicious. Even with an up-to-date antivirus, at times it may not be enough to stop all threats that stem from malicious email attachments. Since many of these threats are undiscovered, meaning a signature has not yet been developed to address it, your antivirus cannot protect you from it. Fortunately, with Threat Emulation, you’re protected against undiscovered threats hidden in email attachments. Common email attachments, such as Microsoft Office and PDF files, are opened in a virtual cloud sandbox and analyzed to determine if it is safe or malicious. In a private test performed by AV-TEST, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security protected against 100% of real-world threats.

Find My Laptop
One laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and of those 97% of them are never recovered. With Find My Laptop, you can locate your lost or stolen laptop, message the finder, and lock it down and remotely recover important files should all attempts at physical retrieval fail. You can even snap a photo of the person who has your laptop by enabling your web cam.

Advanced Real-Time Antivirus
An antivirus, by nature, can only protect you against threats coming from known signatures, or known fixes to malware. While it would be ideal for the antivirus on your desktop to be continuously updated with the latest threat signatures, in practical terms it is simply not possible as it would take too much of a toll on your PC’s performance. During downtimes, when your antivirus is not being updated, new threats may slip past your desktop antivirus and compromise your PC. With Advanced Real-Time Antivirus, the cloud component checks against an always up-to-date database of antivirus signatures, so you’re protected by the second.

Enhanced Browser Protection
In the 1990’s, we worried about viruses that could infect our computers via a floppy disk. In the 2000’s, we learned that email was the method of choice to spreading threats. Today, our greatest threats are malware contracted through your web browser. With Enhanced Browser Protection, malware is caught at the browser level, protecting you against drive-by-downloads and threats that spread through web extensions and fraudulent websites.

Which ZoneAlarm 2015 Product is Right for Me?
With more features than before, ZoneAlarm 2015 security suites offer you the best protection necessary to thwart off a new generation of threats that lurk online. Here’s a comparison chart below to help you figure out which ZoneAlarm product will best fit your needs:

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ZoneAlarm 2015 Security Suites comparison

To learn more or to purchase ZoneAlarm 2015 security suites, please click here.

Note: If you’re a current ZoneAlarm customer with an up-to-date subscription, you’re eligible for the latest version of your package at no extra charge. For questions or support, please contact our support at

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15 comments on “Introducing ZoneAlarm 2015 Security Suites: Giving You the Best Protection Ever

    • Carolyn, You can upgrade to ZoneAlarm Extreme Security by clicking on one of the grayed out features in your ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. Additionally, you can seek assistance to upgrade by visiting then clicking on Live Chat at the upper left.

  • John Vitalich says:

    I am currently using ZA Extreme Security V Is there a newer version available, or do I already have the latest?

  • Skip Hamblin says:


    Yes you are right in today’s environment, we need the best and ZoneAlarm Extreme is the best. HOWEVER……,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it is only the best if you stay out of the cloud, if you transverse the cloud you open the door to a whole spectrum of threats. Please!!! stay away from the cloud!!!

    • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security makes use of security from the cloud, as well as from the client itself. What threats do you speak of from the cloud?

  • Antonio Vieira says:

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is the best ever system I have used i.e. Norton Avira AVG.
    The last update 13.0.208 is as complete as you hope for a system that protects your computer.
    Well done guys!!!!! Keep up

  • Leslie Henman says:

    I for many years have had your Internet Security Suite but I would like your Threat Emulation, can I bolt this on to my ISS? or must I get the Extreme version?. If I have to get the Extreme version can I upgrade my existing ISS? is so what is the cost ?.

  • When will sonic wall work on Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013? it currently does not and has not for months, any updates on this?

  • Milton Fox says:

    ZA is a great product however I believe you are dropping the ball in that there is no option for any other OS than Windows.

    In my house I have 3 Android phones, 1 Android tablet, 1 iOS tablet, 2 Windows 7 laptops and a Windows 8 laptop.


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