Event Logs

Understanding Antivirus Event Logs

By default, ZoneAlarm software records all virus scans, virus definition updates, and virus detections in a log, and archives the logs once every 7 days. To change the logging settings, see Managing Alerts and Logs Settings.

To view logged Antivirus & Anti-spyware events:

  1. In the main menu of the ZoneAlarm software client, click Tools > Logs.
    The Alerts and Logs window opens and shows the Log Viewer.
  2. From the Select log type drop-down menu, select Antivirus.
    The log table shows Antivirus & Anti-spyware events with relevant information:
    Type The type of event that occurred. Possible values are:
    • Update - virus and spyware signature definitions update
    • Scan - antivirus and anti-spyware scan
    • Treatment - action done to an infected file
    Date and Time Date and time of the event.
    Files Names and paths of the scanned and treated files. Possible values are:
    • A full path name of the file that was infected, treated, or safe (in case of a manual scan of a safe file)
    • Multiple Files - when multiple files were scanned
    Status Possible values for the default actions are:
    • Update Install Completed
    • Update Canceled
    • Update Failed
    • Scan Completed
    • Scan Canceled
    • Scan Failed
    These are status values for the optional actions (see Customizing Alerts and Logs Selection):
    • File Repaired
    • File Repair Failed
    • Treated
    • Treatment Failed
    • Deleted
    • Delete Failed
    • Restored
    • Restore Failed
    Invoke Type How the event occurred. Possible values are:
    • Auto - through an automatic action
    • Manual - through a manual action
    Action Outcome Possible values are:
    • Number of the files scanned and the number and the names of detected infections
    • Version number - for updates

To control the view of the log entries:

  1. From the Show Last drop-down menu, select the number of latest entries to view in the Log Viewer table:
    • 10
    • 25
    • 50
    • 100
    • 200
    • All
  2. To delete all the entries - click Clear.
  3. To refresh the Anti-Virus log and to view the latest entries - click Refresh.
  4. Click OK, when finished.
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