Getting Started

ZoneAlarm Software Client Interface

To open the ZoneAlarm client interface, do one of these:

  • Double-click on the ZoneAlarm Security desktop icon.
  • Go to MS Windows Start Menu > Check Point > ZoneAlarm > ZoneAlarm Security.
  • Use the ZoneAlarm icon in the MS Windows system notification area ("MS Windows System Notification Area Icons and Menus" on page 14).
    The startup page of the ZoneAlarm software client interface consists of these components:
  • The main status bar - shows you if YOUR COMPUTER IS SECURE or YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK. If the computer is at risk, you can click Fix Now to quickly fix the security problem.
  • The three panels:
    1. ANTIVIRUS & FIREWALL - lets you configure the Antivirus and Anti-spyware ("Protecting Your Computer With Antivirus/Anti-Spyware" on page 15) settings, the Firewall "Protecting Your Computer with ZoneAlarm Firewall" on page 30 settings, the Application Control ("Using Application Control for Application Security" on page 44) settings, and the Threat Emulation ("Using Threat Emulation Against Zero-Day Attacks" on page 28) settings
    2. WEB & PRIVACY - lets you configure enable or disable Anti-Keylogger ("Using Anti-Keylogger" on page 65)
    3. MOBILITY & DATA - lets you configure Identity Protection ("Identity Protection Service (USA Only)" on page 68) settings.

    When your ZoneAlarm product is up to date, all three panels show the security status Protected. If the virus definitions are not updated, the ANTIVIRUS & FIREWALL panel shows the security status At Risk.

    Note - The ANTIVIRUS & FIREWALL panel also shows the At Risk status when the Antivirus, the Firewall, or the Application Control settings are not properly configured, or one or more of these services are disabled.

  • Main Menu toolbar - gives you access to these menus and buttons:
    Menu Item Function
    Scan Lets you run one of these system-wide virus scans:
    Quick Scan.
    Full Scan.
    Full Scan with Archive Files.
    See Protecting Your Computer From Viruses and Spyware ("Protecting Your Computer With Antivirus/Anti-Spyware" on page 15) for more on these scan types.
    Update Updates virus definitions and checks for minor component updates.
    Tools Gives you the access to some system tools and lets you do these:
    Enter License - enter a license key for your ZoneAlarm software.
    Synchronize License - synchronize the product license key information for your ZoneAlarm software with the ZoneAlarm server.
    Game Mode - turn the game mode on and off. For details, see Managing Security Settings for Gaming ("Switching to Game Mode for Gaming" on page 87).
    Scheduled Tasks - customize the system-wide scan schedule ("Changing System-wide Scan Schedule" on page 17), set the frequency of virus definition updates ("Keeping the Antivirus and Anti-spyware Up to Date" on page 22), and control product updates ("Updating the Product" on page 11).
    Preferences - set general preferences for your ZoneAlarm software. See Setting General Product Preferences (on page 84) for details.
    Logs - view alerts and logs, and customize logging configuration. See Managing Alerts and Logs Settings (on page 88) for details.
    Diagnostics - opens ZoneAlarm Diagnostics Capture Utility that provides an ability to enable client's logging and collect ZoneAlarm logs.
    Help Opens a drop-down menu of these quick links:
    About - opens the product version information window.
    Top 10 Questions - opens the ZoneAlarm web page with the top 10 user questions about the ZoneAlarm products.
    Help - opens the ZoneAlarm online help.
    Offline Help - opens the ZoneAlarm product help in a browser window.
    Technical Support - opens the ZoneAlarm online technical support web page.
  • Quick link buttons:

    Facebook like us! - opens the ZoneAlarm Facebook page

    Twitter follow us! - opens the ZoneAlarm Twitter page

MS Windows System Notification Area Icons and Menus

The ZoneAlarm button in the MS Windows system notification area provides shortcuts to some ZoneAlarm product functions. Right-click the ZoneAlarm icon to open the pop-up menu and select a menu option:

Show Monitor Opens the ZoneAlarm software client interface
Scan Now Runs an on-demand system-wide Antivirus & Anti-spyware scan
Update Now Runs the Antivirus & Anti-spyware definition updates and the product update
Game Mode Opens the Game Mode dialog window.
Stop All Internet Activity Click it to suspend all Internet activity. Click Resume All Internet Activity to restart all Internet activity.

This is intended for emergency use only when you suspect you're being hacked for a very short time period, use of this can create instability for your OS and internet connection and is not meant to be used on a normal basis.
Snooze Firewall for 5 Minutes Turns off the Firewall for 5 minutes. Click Resume Firewall to turn the Firewall back on before the 5-minute snooze interval ends.
Snooze Antivirus for 5 Minutes Turns off the Antivirus for 5 minutes. Click Resume Antivirus to turn it back on before the 5-minute snooze interval ends.
NOTE: If you shut down the client before the snooze interval is over, the On-Access Scanning will be enabled on the next client startup.
Help Opens the ZoneAlarm software online help page.
About Shows the ZoneAlarm software version information.
Exit Shuts down the ZoneAlarm software.
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